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Welcome to the Care Village Community

We have created this community to support caregivers and care recipients in many different ways. We are dedicated to helping Care Village Community members achieve good health, wellness, and happiness. We know that those who need or provide care are under a tremendous amount of stress and we're here to help you manage that stress by offering a community of like-minded caring members; resources to address care challenges; education and workshops available locally and online; and an atmosphere of love and understanding.  Join us in our care community where we will work together to improve the lives of those who provide or receive care.

The Care Village Community believes:

  • All people deserve access to healthy food at a reasonable cost
  • All children deserve access to good nutrition, good health care, and support services for special needs
  • All people deserve good home care and long term care at no cost or a reasonable cost
  • All people deserve good medical care at no cost or a reasonable cost
  • All people deserve access to needed medications at no cost or a reasonable cost

 The Care Village Community knows:

  • The government cannot solve this crisis
  • Business cannot solve this crisis
  • Hospitals and medical professionals cannot solve this crisis

 The Care Village Community believes:

  • Illness should not be a for-profit business.
  • Pharmaceuticals are not the solution to every health issue and should be used judiciously.
  • Most conventional medicine currently treats diseases and conditions, not people.
  • Conventional medicine needs to change their care model to a holistic approach that addresses the needs of the care recipient, caregiver, as well as family members and friends. It is a group activity to care for a special needs, physically or mentally challenged, or ill family member.
  •  Health professionals cannot have positive results in the current “drive through” health system.

The Care Village Community knows:

  • The community can solve this crisis through communication and cooperation
  • Everyone has something to give that is valuable to another
  • We can support one another whether we are family, friends, next door neighbors, or across the world
  • We can provide good care when we have an illness or disability through sharing and cooperation
  • Health professionals can provide meaningful care if given the opportunity to practice holistic, integrative medicine
  • Families can live normal lives while caring for an ill or special needs family member
  • We can improve our health and wellness by returning to good practices and community cooperation
  • We can be healthy, happy, and aware

We can make a difference and we can BE the difference